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For this reason, descriptions are NOT given for any DP character

He'd saved the world, his parents now knew who he was, Valerie had - somehow - forgiven him, and Paulina was actually chasing him, Danny Fenton! For some reason, he'd kept his true identity secret from everyone but those four people, Tucker, Jazz, and Sam. Tucker, still the world's youngest mayor, had somehow used his techno-geek knowledge to become a master at decoding signs, symbols, and feelings in order to determine how 'in love' a person was and how long such feelings would last, but had only told his two best friends: Danny Fenton and Samantha "Sam" Manson. Sam showed no real interest in learning more about it, but Danny was not going to let Tucker keep this to himself. Paulina, Valerie, and - now - Sam, had all shown interest in him and he wanted - needed - to know how sincere any of them were.

One day, Danny was free of his ghostly duties and invited Sam and Tucker to come hang out with him."Can't." Sam's response to the conference call was terse and somewhat dejected. "The 'rents have got me booked all day. Let me know if Danny Phantom needs me though. For some reason, after he saved the world, Mom and Dad don't mind me taking off without any real notice to help him. Gotta go. Bye!" Sam hung up quickly to prevent the tears she knew would come if she kept talking to Danny - even if Tucker was listening in - and twisted the class ring Danny had given to her, making their 'couple' status 'official'. It was a nervous habit she knew would get her into trouble if her parents ever figured out how much that one piece of jewelry meant to her. On this particular occasion, it was the only thing she was wearing voluntarily. There was no way she'd normally wear the bright pink, super flowery dress her mother had forced on her just before Danny's call.  The black Goth-style sandals were much more her style and she couldn't help leaning against the wall and sighing wistfully as she wondered what Tucker and Danny would be doing without her. She seriously hoped it had nothing to do with Tucker's 'Foley Love Monitor' - as Tucker had named it - or her.

She was wrong on both counts, but Tucker was just glad Danny was showing more interest than Sam had and didn't know who Danny was talking about anyway. He'd rushed over as soon as Sam had hung up and was now listening to Danny try to describe one particular instant over and over again. Tucker was only sure of one thing: Danny placed great importance on this event. Whatever it was, Danny was having a hard time describing it and Tucker was losing his patience.

"Okay, Tuck. Last time, I promise. This happened before I was a world hero. Does that make a difference? If I can't get it out this time, we'll just forget it. I was standing there, and she kissed me. I kissed her back, but when our lips touched, we were the only two people in existence and the world spun. Sorry, Tuck, I know this isn't really what you wanted to be doing, but... what does it mean?"

"Oh man, Danny, you got it bad. You're right, by the way, I'd rather be being chased by Skulker than listen to this, but..." he let his sentence dangle for awhile before importing the specifications Danny had given him. Tucker stared at the results, and then imputed the data again. Several minutes passed with Danny pacing in front of Tucker before Tucker cleared his throat.

"Well? Come on Tuck! I need to know. What are the results?!" Danny whined. Tucker gazed into Danny's earnest eyes as he prepared to tell his best friend the one thing that could possibly ruin their friendship.

"You, my friend..." Tucker took off his cap, holding it to his shirt as if in reverence to someone who was deceased. "According to the Foley Love Monitor - the FoLM - are totally, completely, irreversibly, and irrevocably in love with this girl... whoever she is. Any idea how she felt?" Tucker rested his cap back - bill in back - on his head "...because, if she felt the same way - and this was before you saved the world, you know, back when we were nobodies - she's even more in love with you than you are in love with her... and that's hard to do. Her love? Stronger than anything. NOTHING can stop her from loving you. Ever. Dude. Do I even want to know?" Tucker stuck his hands into his pants pockets and leaned against the wall while Danny digested this new information.

"No. No, Tuck, you don't. You already have a hard enough time with 'us' as it is. You'd never be able to hang with us being 'us' ever again. It's better if you just leave this one be." Danny finally answered his friend, putting air quotes around each 'us' to emphasize the implication of that word. "Hey, you're free the rest the day, right? What should we do... you know, just us boys. We haven't been able to hang for awhile."

Tucker looked down at his shoes for a minute before answering. "Sorry Danny. I've got mayoral duties to attend to in about five minutes. Think you could make sure I get there on time?" He gave Danny a wink. Danny smiled and nodded.

"Going ghost!" Danny cried as he turned from a normal teenage boy into the superhero ghost that saved the world. Once transformed, Danny grabbed Tucker's hand and made them both intangible. They made it to Tucker's meeting with only a few m spare. As he readjusted to being normal, Tucker checked his watch, thanked Danny, and then left to his meeting. Danny flew around for awhile, and then headed toward Sam's house. He knew she didn't want him there while her parents were forcing their ideas of fashion on her, but he just wanted to be near her for awhile - he didn't care what she looked like. Suddenly, he remembered a part of their earlier conversation. Danny smiled, changed back into his normal self, and dialed his cell phone.

Her parents left the room when they heard the ring tone. Sam smiled. It was the only thing she and her parents had ever agreed on. "Hey, what's up?" She asked her boyfriend, smiling at the thought that they were actually a couple. "I thought you were hanging out with the boys today?"

"Huh?" Danny was as eloquent as ever. "You mean Tucker? He had some 'mayoral duties' to attend to. Tell me... when we kissed..." Danny and Sam both blushed, remembering. "What was it like... for you? Explain it to me like you would if I was a completely uninterested person... like Tucker, for example."

Her parents came back in, concerned, when they heard her try to start the same sentence twenty times in a row. Sam waved them away, gulped, and then said as quickly as possible, "My brain stopped, we were the only things in this wor... existence. Nothing else existed, and my world spun. When we were done, I had no breath. I was breathless, but I knew you'd be back. Why?"

He looked at the strange gadget he'd fed Sam's story into and was speechless. The FoLM was telling him it was impossible for it to compute Sam's love for him. Sam repeated her question several times before Danny snapped out of it long enough to respond. "Tuck's FoLM. I fed in your story to it. Do you really feel that strongly about me?"

Danny could hear Sam roll her eyes. "Darling." She couldn't give her parents the opportunity to find out her boyfriend was Danny, so they'd set up 'darling' as a code word that her parents would never connect to him. "I've liked you for a VERY long time. When you were going out with Valerie, it drove me nuts. You were supposed to be mine. I could share you with Tucker because he'd never love you like I did. Valerie however, Valerie just might care for you as much as I did. Then you went and almost gave her the ring. I'm actually kind of surprised you didn't figure it out earlier. Tucker knew."

"Tuck?" Danny was dumbfounded. "Tuck knew you liked me? Why didn't either of you say anything?"

Sam squirmed a little before admitting that the two of them had figured it would be best if he figured it out by himself. "What are you doing calling me anyway? Not that I mind you interrupting my 'session' with my parents, but didn't I tell you I was going to be busy today?"

"I was flying by your house, stopped a few blocks short, and called you." Danny admitted sheepishly. Suddenly, a burst of blue air flew out of his mouth. "Be there soon?"

Sam had heard his gasp and knew exactly what it meant. "I'll let Mom and Dad know Danny Phantom is on his way to pick me up." At that moment, her parents came back in the room. "Hey guys, Danny Phantom just contacted me. I've got to go help him now."

"Okay, be careful. Mandy Brown just came by for us anyway." Sam's mother responded uncharacteristically willing to let her daughter go. "See you soon, I hope!"

Outside the house, Danny smiled and started to turn into his superhero alter-ego. "GOING GHOST!"


I started writing this one because there was a scene that wouldn't get out of my head. So... here it is! :D (this extra bit in the Artist's Comments box is just kind of the ending I wanted, but what's up feels more like a one shot without it)

Many Brown is (c) ~obsessedwithcats, see her story for more details on that character. could probably be a LOT better, but the deadline for the contest (thanks to #communityrelations for informing me about the contest) was today, so I just kinda... finished it. :shrug:
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I love it. :hug: 's for you.
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:thanks: you get extra points if you know who Mandy Brown is (did you read the author's comments - there's more to the story there ^^;)
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